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Prepare For an Emergency With a Home Backup Generator

This year, when you hear extreme weather in the forecast, you can quit worrying if you will have power.

This year, when you hear extreme weather in the forecast, you can quit worrying if you will have power.

A home backup generator eliminates this fear and ensures you will have adequate power to keep your family safe and comfortable.

Why do I need a home backup generator?

Extreme weather is unpredictable by its very nature. Since the number one cause of power outages in the United States is weather, it becomes essential for you to prepare ahead of time. While you cannot control the weather, you can help your family be prepared when it strikes.

Weather-related causes of power outages:

  • Lighting
  • Hurricanes
  • Rain/Flooding

Coastal regions like Florida are especially susceptible to these weather conditions. Power outages are often both costly and dangerous for those affected.

In addition to the risk of weather-related power outages, your home may experience a brownout or blackout from many other common sources.

Other causes of power outages:

  • Vehicle collision with power lines
  • Animal contact with power lines
  • Construction
  • Maintenance on power grid
  • Human error

No matter the cause, extended power outages can result in hundreds of dollars in wasted food from non-working refrigerators and freezers. Power outages also have the potential to be extremely dangerous when people are left without air conditioning in the heat of summer. A whole home generator ensures consistent, adequate power to your home, even when your neighbors may be in the dark.

How does a backup generator work?

A home backup generator is installed at your home and wired into your existing electrical system by a professional electrician. It includes a transfer switch, which will automatically recognize when the power supply to your home has stopped. The generator will then turn on and restore power to your home.

Since the generator includes a transfer switch, there is little you need to do to ensure you have power in emergency situations. Once installed, the generator takes care of providing backup power to your home.

Be prepared for your next power outage with the installation of a whole home backup generator. It will prove to be a great investment in your family’s comfort and safety.

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