Preparing Your Home For A Blackout

August 27, 2012

From thunderstorms to tropical storms and hurricanes, extreme weather can happen throughout the year in Florida.

These devastating storms can often leave Florida homeowners without power for hours or even days.

You can reduce the stress of a power outage by planning ahead. Prepare your home for a blackout by ensuring you are equipped with the following items.


Keep the number of your local utility company handy so you can call them, if necessary. You may want to also install a backup generator so your home will have electricity even when your neighbors do not.


You should keep an adequate supply of flashlights and batteries throughout your home for use during blackouts and power outages. Also consider flashlights that are powered by shaking or winding a crank, as these do not require spare batteries.

The American Red Cross advises against using candles, as these are often a cause of home fires.


Although it is unlikely that a power outage will directly affect your municipal water supply, water is one of the most important parts of any emergency preparedness kit. You can simply buy bottled water from the local grocery store or store tap water in plastic bottles.


Many homeowners forget that most cooking procedures require some sort of electricity. Prepare for a blackout by making sure you have food in your supply that does not need to be refrigerated or cooked.


A first aid kit is an essential part of preparing for any emergency. Purchase a home first aid kit or create your own by following the list of recommended items from the Red Cross.

If you have any medications that must be refrigerated, keep a cooler and icepack handy. Store the icepack in the freezer so it is ready for the ice chest when the power goes out.

With the number of severe storms we get through the year in Florida, preparing your home for a blackout is a good idea.

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