Surge Protectors

Can You Afford Not to Protect Your Expensive Electronics And Appliances?

All it takes is one large power surge to ruin your expensive electronics devices (like your computer or big screen TV), appliances, and heating and cooling system .
According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), power surges are  “one of the most severe, common and immediate dangers to modern, sensitive electronic equipment.”
But you can protect your entire home with a simple whole-home surge protector. 

What is a whole-home surge protector?

A whole-home surge protector is a device that’s installed in your electric circuit breaker box or main point of power entry to your home. 
It protects you by:

  • Detecting the excess current running through your home
  • Diverting the excess current safely through your home’s grounding path. 

This makes it your main defense against a sudden large power surge caused by a lightning strike or a damaged power line.

Why not just depend on power strips?

Power strips with built-in surge protection are adequate for smaller surges that happen in your home.
But they can’t handle the large surge of an external force (like nearby lightning strikes and damaged power lines).
The IBHS suggests that you install a whole-home surge protector to protect your home from damage and even possibly a fire. 
But you should also use power strips with a whole-home surge protector to form a powerful two-tiered surge protection system.

What’s the chance of lightning striking near me?

Pretty high, actually.
According to the IBHS, homes in areas subject to an average flash density of 10 to 14 fl/sq km/yr or greater have a severe exposure to lightning.
If you look on this map from the IBHS, you can see that this describes most of Florida.

Lightning Map Png

Don’t take the risk. Invest in a relatively inexpensive whole-home surge protector to protect your belongings and electrical work. Lightning can travel through any wire. To protect your whole home, Energy Today electricians can also install cable surge protectors and telephone surge protectors to make sure all the electronics in your home are safe.
Contact Energy Today to get one professionally installed into your Florida home.

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