Homeowners - Beware Of These Faulty Electrical System Signs!

January 20, 2021

Are you in the dark about your home’s electrical system? If you are, we can assure you that you’re not the only one! Many homeowners are unaware of the several serious issues that could be wrong with their electrical system, creating an opportunity for major damage in one’s home. Keep reading and we will bring all the things you need to know about your electrical system to light.

Unfamiliar Odors

It isn’t super uncommon to notice a different smell when first receiving a new appliance in the mail. However, if you notice that strange odor coming from your electrical outlet, pause what you’re doing! You will want to unplug anything connected to it and not use that outlet again until a professional can take a closer look. If your breaker panel or fuse box is producing an odd odor, call a trained electrician immediately to further inspect the source.

Warm Outlets or Switches

Your heating system is supposed to keep you warm, not your electrical outlets! If you notice that your electrical outlets or switches feel warm to the touch, you will need to call a professional in to inspect the source, especially if you notice this same outlet sparks from time to time. This could be a sign of wiring damage or a fixture could be in desperate need of a replacement.

Buzzing Sounds

Outlets and switches should operate quietly. If you hear a buzzing or crackling sound each time you flip a switch or plug a cord into an outlet, quickly retract your action to shut off power to that outlet. You will want to contact professionals from our Energy Today team to diagnose the problematic situation at hand.

Loose Outlets

If you notice some outlets or light switches work sometimes but not always, this could be a sign that loose wiring is at play. Not only could this cause potential fire hazards, but electrical shocks as well. The same can be said for broken light switches, so keep your eyes peeled for these dangerous hazards in your home.

Circuit Breaker Issues

If a circuit is overloaded, a circuit breaker is designed to trip to prevent overheating and eliminate potential hazards. If an occasional trip happens every once in a while, this can be the cause of a simple overload, but if this happens on a repetitive basis, your entire electrical system will need to be reevaluated to ensure your family and home’s safety.

Have a question for our trained professionals? Our Energy Today team is here to ensure your absolute safety and comfort inside your home. If you have been ignoring one of these signs, stop what you’re doing and call our team at (800) 226-2636 and we will TAKE CARE of your electrical system TODAY.

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