5 Reasons Your Home NEEDS An Electrical Safety Inspection

October 21, 2021

Electrical safety is crucial for all homes and buildings. Electrical failures or malfunctions are a factor contributing to the ignition of 4 out of 5 home fires. It’s extremely important to put your family’s safety first by getting an electrical safety inspection. Continue reading this to discover 5 reasons your home can benefit from an electrical safety inspection!

Protect Your Home From Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are the second leading cause of residential fires and accounted for the highest share of civilian death and direct property damage. Electrical fires can be caused by faulty wiring, improper DIY attempts, overloaded circuits, outdated wiring, and other hazards. A proper electrical safety inspection will uncover any potential hazards your home may be facing.


Recognize Outdated Wiring

Outdated wiring is hard to spot without the keen eye of a professional electrician. While some outdated electrical systems are easy to spot, such as a two-prong outlet, others aren’t as obvious. Older electrical panels and interior wiring can go unnoticed without the attention of an electrician. Outdated electrical panels can short circuit and contribute to residential fires. An electrical safety inspection will not only detect any outdated electrical wiring and systems but provide recommendations for updated options.

Meet Home Sale Inspection Requirements

There are an abundance of things to do before selling your home, from patching holes in the wall to cleaning. One thing that may go unnoticed is ensuring your electrical wiring inside your home is up to code. Although new homeowners may be able to switch out light fixtures, light bulbs, and outlet plates, it takes an experienced electrician to perform an electrical inspection. If you choose to have an electrical safety inspection and make upgrades, it can increase your home’s value!

Double Check Before Committing To A House

If a professional electrical safety inspection was not performed before the house was put on the market, then we highly recommend you request one! If the seller doesn’t schedule one for you and you go through with the sale, you must schedule one for yourself. An electrical safety inspection will diagnose the state of your home’s electrical systems. This will come in handy if you choose to take on any remodeling projects!

Assist With Remodeling Projects

Whether you just bought a home or you are renovating your existing home it is always a good idea to schedule an electrical safety inspection! It is a great starting point for your project, especially if you are undertaking a bathroom or kitchen remodel, which both require electrical permits.

Electrical safety inspections have a multitude of benefits. Imagine providing your family safety and peace of mind for just $29 with a whole-home safety inspection! Get The Best From Today and schedule an appointment with our team today at (800) 226-2636.

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