5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home With Landscape Lighting

October 17, 2019

Sometimes regular outdoor lighting is not enough to illuminate your house at night. Strategically placed landscape lighting not only lights up your home but really makes it stand out in your neighborhood. Landscape lighting can truly transform a home and breathe life back into your outdoor decor. Here are just a few ways that landscape lighting can brighten up your home:

1. Full Coverage Lighting

Light up your home with these perfectly placed lights. The lights in this image really showcase the home and bring out its fullest potential. With a mix of exterior home lighting, foliage lighting, and pathway lights this home is bright and ready to welcome visitors!

2. Bright and Vibrant

Against the home next door, you can surely tell how landscape lighting affects outdoor decor. This home is truly the brightest on the block and thoughtful landscape lighting can transform any home!

3. Foliage Lighting

Unlike other homes, these homeowners focused on foliage lighting to really bring their home to life. Strategically placed throughout their landscape the lighting not only illuminates the surrounding plants but also catches the home itself bringing the right amount of light.

4. Pathway Lighting

Light the way all the way up to your front door! Give your guests the perfect illuminated path with these stylish lanterns. Not only are these lights practical but they also give the exterior of the home the flair it needs!

5. Entryway Lights

Welcome your guests with these beautifully placed entryway lights. These lights serve a great purpose when lighting your home and are inviting to any visitor you may have over!

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