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Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Design by NightEffects

Whether you're looking for outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance the beauty of your landscape, or you're just looking for extra security, we can help. At NightEffects, our lighting experts will give you easy-to-understand design recommendations that match your lighting needs and budget.

Our outdoor and landscape lighting designs include:

  • Energy-efficient lighting solutions
  • Advice from certified electricians
  • FREE design recommendations

We can design, repair and install the following types of outdoor lighting:

  • Pool cage lighting

  • Dock lighting

  • Fish lights/snook light

  • Security lighting

  • Path lighting

  • Deck/patio lighting

  • Landscape lighting

How Our Pricing Works

  • For repairs: Upfront, flat-rate pricing

    Once we diagnose your electrical issue, you'll get a price to fix your lighting before any work begins—so there are no surprises.

  • For installations: FREE in-home quotes

    Tell us what equipment you'd like installed, and we'll send an installation specialist to determine how much it will cost—for free.

Cost of outdoor and landscape lighting design

Our outdoor lighting design recommendations are 100% FREE. If you would like us to install the outdoor lights, we can give you an upfront quote.

The cost to install outdoor lights varies depending on the following factors:

  • The type of lights you choose:

    Lights come in several different styles, depending on their purpose and where they are installed. The cost varies between each type of light. The most common types of outdoor lights include deck lights, floodlights, path lights or wall lanterns.

  • The bulb type you choose:

    You can choose between halogen (least expensive), incandescent (mid-priced) and LED bulbs (most expensive). LED bulbs last the longest and are the most energy-efficient.

  • The number of lights you need to have installed:

    The more lights you want installed, the more expensive the project will be.

  • The material of the light:

    Lights housed in plastic are generally the least expensive, while lights housed in copper or stainless steel cost more.

  • Electrical considerations:

    Adding new wiring or outlets to accommodate the new lights will increase the overall cost.

Our Process


The process begins with a scheduled complimentary, no-charge, no-obligation on-site consultation. At this time, we get to know you, as well as your ideas and desires for your lighting system. We assess your property to determine what creative possibilities exist and also show you sample fixtures and transformers that would be used.


A beautiful design is the desired end product, so after taking all the “real world” settings into account, our design professionals get to work.

We will return with a detailed landscape lighting design for your property including full technical specifications for the materials to be used, as well as detailed pricing and projected timeline.



After you have reviewed and approved the proposal, we will work with you to schedule the installation. We know you are anxious to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of landscape lighting, so we adhere to the schedule we set with you.

Our installation crews are experienced and well trained to ensure little to none disruption in the building of your dream landscape. Most installations take only a few days, and you can enjoy the magic of your property during evening hours.



Our job is not finished when the installation crew leaves your property. We strive to have our landscape lighting customers to be customers for life. NightEffects can always be reached and will return for necessary repairs, maintenance, upgrades, or revisions and alterations if need be.

Guarantees and Warranties You Can Count On

This is just a sneak peek of the promises we make to our customers. See all of our guarantees and warranties.

  • 2-year parts and labor

    If your outdoor lights fail for any reason after we install them, we'll replace them for free. Available upon request.

5 Tips For Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Depending on the type of lights you have, running outdoor lights can cost as much as $25 per month.

To cut down on your lighting costs, we recommend using energy-efficient lighting. As you design your outdoor lighting setup, consider the following tips:

  • Use timers to control when decorative lighting turns on and off

  • Install solar-powered lights where possible

  • Consider flood lights with photosensors or motion sensors for security lighting

  • Install LED lights instead of halogen lights where possible

  • Use reflectors and deflectors on outdoor light fixtures to reduce light pollution and improve the efficiency of your lighting design

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