Five Things That Can Cause A Fire In Your Home:

December 23, 2019

“We didn’t start the fire…”

Unfortunately, maybe you did - or more likely, your home did.

You see, your home could be in danger of an electrical fire because of some everyday household objects. If these objects are misused or not protected, they can be a serious issue for your home’s safety. Check out below how these five everyday objects could put your home at risk for an electrical fire.

1. Lightbulbs:

Believe it or not, just a simple lightbulb can put your home at risk for a fire. For instance, if your lightbulb wattage is a certain number and you accidentally purchase a lightbulb over the wattage range, your appliance will not be able to handle the wattage needed. Another safety issue is leaving cloth or curtains directly next to open lamps or lighting fixtures as the heat from the bulbs can cause the cloth to combust.

2. Appliances:

Nothing works like it’s supposed to when it’s old or broken, right? The same goes for your appliances. If you have an older appliance or an appliance with faulty mechanical issues, you may need to have them checked or replaced. This can pose a potential risk to your home and your safety. Be sure to keep any appliance cords free of obstructions (such as rugs).

3. Old Homes:

Older homes are at a risk for fire hazards. This is mostly due to outdated wiring in the home, which wasn’t designed for the usage of electricity that most homes use today. Think about it - if your home is from the 80s, and now we’re in the 2000s consuming more energy for our phones, tablets, TVs, and laptops, it’s no wonder the system could overload! Make sure you service your home’s electrical system regularly to make sure it is up to date with safety standards.

4. Frayed Cords:

As noted before, damaged or fraying cords from appliances can become a fire hazard. Cords that are placed under rugs or are out in the open to be continuously walked on are at a higher risk of being worn down. It’s widely recommended to replace the appliance at the first sign of wear and tear.

5. Space Heaters:

Space heaters, while very popular during the winter months, can pose a serious threat to your home’s safety. These appliances should be placed far enough away from anything flammable in the surrounding area as the coil space heaters can cause objects around it to combust. If you’re thinking of getting a space heater, it’s typically safer to get a radiator style than the coil ones.


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